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Our campaign, “Love It Like We Do,” embraces the city’s pride and unexpected side. When visitors come to Duluth, they become a part of what makes this place so unique. While you’re here with us, you’re one of us. And even when you leave, this place never leaves you.

2024 results

The numbers never stop. Stay up to date on tourism data with the latest marketing and visitation insights.

2023 results

It was another big year for Duluth’s travel industry, with all-time in highs in tax revenue and visitor spending growth all around town. Here are just a couple highlights:

  • Record high tourism tax revenue
  • +9% YOY visitation at Duluth Attractions Council businesses
  • 2023 “Creating a Welcome Experience Award Winner” from Explore Minnesota

2022 results

Our first full year of the new campaign helped bring some pretty big wins to Duluth.

  • +10.8% increase in tourism tax revenue (2022 vs 2021)
  • +3% hotel occupancy (2022 vs 2021)
  • Duluth led occupancy in Minnesota in 2022 (along with Bloomington)
  • +4.3% total trips (2022 vs 2021)
Visit Duluth Materials


We promote three distinct travel seasons: peak (summer months), shoulder (fall and holiday travel), and winter. Each season brings a new reason to visit, whether it’s the fresh air, fall leaves or fresh snow.

Brand Resources

To make your job easier, we’ve collected brand guidelines, logos, photos and more to help you create marketing materials consistent with the Duluth brand. Combining these resources with your industry knowledge and passion for the community will help showcase Duluth in an exciting and engaging way. Thank you for helping us make Duluth a world-class destination!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

duluth brand guide


From tone and voice and logo usage to photography inspiration and more, find everything you need to know about the Duluth brand in one handy guide.

Brand assets

We want to show the world how Duluth loves it. That’s why we’ve made it easy to find Visit Duluth logos, photos and press release templates. Repping the brand and using these assets for your own marketing is a quick click away.

Visit Duluth Materials


Download tourism industry guides with useful information on visitors, audiences and opportunities, plus tips on how to effectively communicate with media outlets to promote your business.

Visit Duluth Materials

webinar recordings

Stay up to date on the latest industry learning and happenings.


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