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If you’re into it, Duluth has it. Experience fun family attractions, shopping, local food and drink and more to explore around every corner. Check out some ideas below or download our Visitor Guide for even more.

Area events

Duluth offers year-round events and festivals featuring music, crafts, arts and sporting events that offer something for everyone

Duluth Homegrown Music Festival
Park Point Rummage Sale
Park Point Rummage Sale

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  • Upcycled Buildings: What’s Old is New in Duluth, Minnesota
    What’s old is new again in Duluth, Minnesota, where there are several places to stay and attractions housed in buildings that have lived former lives.
  • Faces of Duluth: Jake Magdzas
    Whether you know much about the sport or not, even casual hockey fans have probably dreamt of driving a Zamboni across the ice. For Jake Magdzas, that childhood dream became his everyday reality when he was hired on to the ice department at the DECC (Duluth Entertainment Convention Center) to keep the ice in pristine condition for every game and event. We were lucky enough to catch up with him to hear all about how he got here and what he loves about his gig. 
  • Puck Drop on Duluth: Celebrate the City’s Hockey Culture
    Duluth’s strong hockey culture can be seen all over the city, no matter the season. It’s produced many NHL greats, members of Olympic teams, collegiate titles and high school state champions. It is also home to a loyal and enthusiastic fan base, one of the many reasons why Minnesota is dubbed, “The State of Hockey.” For visitors to this great hockey city, we’ve outlined Duluth’s hockey history, where to catch or play a game and where to cheer on your team with fellow hockey enthusiasts.