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When you come to Duluth, you understand what makes it special. From the world-famous lift bridge to charming neighborhoods filled with local breweries and restaurants, Duluth is a true original along the pristine shores of Lake Superior. Part rugged, part refined and 100% one-of-a-kind. You’ll get it when you get here.

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From fun family attractions and lakeside events to watching the giant ships pass through the canal, there’s always something happening in Duluth. Hop on a train, jump in the lake, grab a pint or just take in the view.

Area Events

Duluth offers year-round events and festivals featuring music, crafts, arts and sporting events that offer something for everyone.

season’s greetings

Some run from the cold. We embrace it. See how our wintry mix of attractions and events make Duluth a hot destination for all-weather adventurers.

The Faces of duluth

Nathan Bentley

Nathan shares the story behind his “out-of-control hobby” that is Bentleyville, and how visitors can enjoy the best of the holiday season in Duluth.

Deb Duluca

The Executive Director of the Duluth Seaway Port Authority dishes on some of the strangest cargo loads to pass through the canal.

Jake Magdzas

Any fans of hockey or the Gear Daddies have probably dreamed of driving a Zamboni, the noble steed of the ice. For Jake, that dream became his everyday reality when he was hired on to the ice department at the DECC.

Dudley Edmondson

Dudley’s work – which often focuses on conservation and inclusion in the outdoors – has taken him everywhere from the Arctic Circle to the Bahamas. Yet, he continues to return to Duluth, embracing and capturing its natural beauty.


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