Lake Superior

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Duluth sits in one superior spot. Lake Superior, one of North America’s Great Lakes and the largest freshwater lake in the world, is known for its clear, cold water and agate beaches. In Duluth, it feels more like an inland sea than a lake, giving the city its relaxed, lakeside vibe.

Whether you want to get on the water or just admire it, Lake Superior is a sight you’ve got to see and do in Duluth.

  • Try water sports like swimming, paddleboarding, kayaking, sailing and even surfing
  • Stake out a sandy spot at nearby campgrounds, beaches and swimming areas
  • Take a scenic drive and tour historic lighthouses or waterfalls
  • Fish year-round for over 80 species including trout, salmon and walleye
  • Check out Duluth’s Aerial Lift Bridge and take a boat tour around the lake

Did You Know?

Lake Superior is the final resting place for over 350 shipwrecks, including the famous Edmund Fitzgerald.

Did You Know?

Seasonal storms can lead to waves over 20 feet high.

Did You Know?

There are 2,726 miles of shoreline.

Did You Know?

Lake Superior is large enough to dramatically affect the weather in Duluth, meaning warmer winters and cooler summers.

Did You Know?

The deepest point is 1,333 feet (but the average depth is 483 feet).

Did You Know?

Lake Superior could cover all of North America in water three feet deep – that’s three quadrillion gallons of water.

Did you know?

31,280 square surface miles make up the lake.

There’s a Lot to Do Here

Scenic drives, outdoor activity, sitting on a bench watching a giant ship pass under a famous bridge—there’s a little bit of everything for everyone here. Check out some ideas below or download our Visitor Guide for even more.

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