Where to Find Delicious Non-Alcoholic Drinks in Duluth

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Updated January 2024

When it comes to beverages, you don’t have to say goodbye to exciting flavors and fun concoctions just because you’re skipping the alcohol. Duluth has a wide variety of delicious offerings for those who are sober, sober-curious, or kicking the new year off with a dry month. Below are the best spots to check out for creative and tasty non-alcoholic drinks in Duluth.

Craft NA Cocktails/Mocktails

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While most establishments will be happy to whip up a virgin margarita or bloody Mary, these spots offer a menu of carefully crafted cocktails, sans the booze. Check out their menus for the latest offerings.


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  • All of Duluth’s breweries have some non-alcoholic beverage options. These may include hop water, kombucha, root beer, nitro cold brew, sparkling water, sodas and more.
  • Some breweries, such as Ursa Minor and Bent Paddle, also offer one or more NA beer or seltzer options brewed specifically for those who want to enjoy a nice cold one, without the alcohol.
  • Canal Park Brewing also offers a craft mocktail menu.

Juice, Smoothies & Coffee

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  • Juice Pharm – For those looking for unique flavor profiles and their daily dose of vitamins, Juice Pharm is serving up nutritious, delicious “hot elixirs” and smoothies.
  • Coffee roasteries & shops – Duluth does coffee right. Visit one of the many roasteries or coffee shops to sip on a delightful cup of Joe or tea.
Posted on December 19, 2023