Park It in Duluth: See the City Without Leaving Your Parking Space

person sitting on a bench with a bike

Once you get to Duluth, you can park your car…and then forget about it until you have to go home. Whether enjoying the city by foot, bike, trolley, scooter or bus, there’s an easy and convenient way for you to see the sights – no matter your mode of choice!

Where to Park

Many lodging options will come with a parking spot, and there are several pay lots and ramps throughout Duluth.

By Foot, Wheelchair and Stroller

Despite the hill, many places in Duluth are easily accessible by taking a stroll, whether on the Lakewalk, a charming neighborhood street or the climate-controlled skywalk, which connects buildings throughout downtown Duluth. The Skywalk also crosses over I-35 and connects downtown with Canal Park via the Duluth Entertainment and Convention Center (DECC). Part of the experience of visiting Duluth is seeing something new around every turn – from a big ship coming into the canal, to the mural outside a business’s storefront to what’s in bloom at the park. Soak it all in while making your way to your next stop.

By Bike

If you brought your own bike, hop on any number of Duluth’s trails or use the bikeways that run the length of the city to cruise the around and feel that fresh Lake Superior air on your face. And, if your two wheels didn’t come along, you can rent a bike from any of the following area businesses and enjoy the ride.

Wheel Fun Rentals

Spirit Mountain

e-Bike Duluth
The e-bike staff will even deliver you a bike anywhere in Duluth, or you can park your car at their Lakeside shop!

Duluth Bike Company

Leaf Rides

By Scooter

Want to see the sights and save your steps? A scooter may be just the ticket! Leaf Rides is a local company that would love to add some fun to your Duluth visit in the form of an electric scooter. To save time, download the Leaf Rides app before your visit, and then check out a parking zone to find your set of wheels. 

By Bus

The new Duluth Transportation Center (DTC) is in the heart of downtown at 228 West Michigan Street. There are 410 parking spaces, along with charging stations for electric vehicles at the DTC. This transit hub has passenger amenities and is home to intercity bus service from Jefferson Lines, Arrowhead Transit and Indian Trails. Plus, secured bicycle storage is also available. STRIDE services are available for qualified individuals with disabilities. Visit for more detailed information.

By Taxi and Ride Share

In Duluth, you’ll find taxis, Uber and Lyft. Taxi services include Allied Taxi of Duluth, Jimmy’s Taxi, SK Taxi, Taxi Cabs Up North and Yellow Cab of Duluth.

Posted on May 26, 2022