Two groups of people in silhouette looking out at very blue water with the piers and lighthouses behind in full sun.

Duluth Information

Black and white historical photo from 1961 of a switch bridge in Duluth Harbor.

Duluth facts

Some fun and fascinating trivia about our city by the lake.

The waves of Lake Superior crashing into the shoreline and the Lighthouse with a ship entering the canal.

Lake Superior facts

Just how much is a quadrillion gallons, anyway?

John Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon with huskies racing in the snow with root dog booties

Outdoor facts

Here’s a place for the adventurous types to learn exactly what we offer, by the numbers.

The boat named American Courage coming through the canal.

Shipping facts

The Port of Duluth-Superior welcomes over 900 vessels each year.

Bayfront Reggae Festival in Duluth, playing a red electric guitar on stage.

Annual events

Find four seasons of fun and events for all ages.

Downtown Duluth skyline during the day viewed from Canal Park.

Duluth contacts

Get in touch with some new friends and make connections with the people who get this city going.