west duluth

West Duluth boasts some of Duluth’s finest local gems. Come for Spirit Mountain and Lake Superior Zoo, stay for the locally owned bookstores, coffee shops and cocktail lounges. It also includes access points to the St. Louis River Estuary, the largest U.S. tributary to Lake Superior and the largest freshwater estuary in North America.


Bayview Heights, Denfeld, Cody, Fairmount, Fond Du Lac, Gary-New Duluth, Irving, Morgan Park, Norton Park, Oneota, Riverside, Smithville, Spirit Valley

map of west duluth


01. Mission Creek Mountain Bike Trails
02. Ely’s Peak
03. Magney-Snively Nature Area
04. Stewert Creek Bridge
05. Spirit Lake Marina
06. Spirit Mountain Recreation Area
07. Willard Munger Trailhead
08. Lake Superior Zoo
09. Grassy Point
10. Brewer Park