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From budget-friendly family activities to hidden waterfalls to recommendations from locals, check out our blog for trip ideas and to learn more about what makes Duluth so special. 

two women sit in a sauna in winter

What the Hygge: Embracing Cozy in Duluth

When it comes to Duluth, the hygge vibes are strong. But what exactly is hygge? In short, it’s a Danish concept that encompasses the feeling of embracing life’s pleasures, especially those that are cozy and rejuvenating.

For travelers looking to get hygge with it, Duluth is the destination. To help inspire your next cozy stay, here are some ideas to make the most of your relaxing getaway.

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Diona smiles in front of a window.

Faces of Duluth: Diona Johnson

If you’re in tune with the music scene in Duluth, you’ve likely heard of AfroGeode, or maybe the band AfroGeode and the Gemstones. Diona Johnson is the artist behind AfroGeode. Not only is she an independent musician, Johnson is also a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker at the College of Saint Scholastica, working as a Mental Health Therapist and Intercultural Specialist. We spoke with Johnson about her Duluth experience.

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Ivy Vainio stands in front of a mural

Faces of Duluth: Ivy Vainio (She/Her)

The shores of Gichigami (Lake Superior) have been home to Indigenous peoples for centuries, with the city of Duluth resting on the historical, traditional, contemporaryland of the Lake Superior Anishinaabe (Ojibwe) people. Today, the Anishinaabe culture is still preserved and celebrated in many ways throughout the city, thanks in part to the work of Ivy Vainio and the team at American Indian Community Housing Organization (AICHO).

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A kid plays in rocks on the lake shore

A Superior Lake Life in Duluth…on a Budget

Duluth can give you a taste of lake life within the city limits, and leave you feeling rested and refreshed, whether you’re here for a day, weekend or even longer. Here are just a few lake-centered, budget-friendly ideas for getting the most out of your trip to Duluth and time around Lake Superior.

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