roadway with autumn-colored maples trees alongside it.

Fall in Duluth

A wooden directional Street sign near Duluth Pack in Lincoln Park.

Head West

Visit the St. Louis River area and explore the largest U.S. tributary to Lake Superior and the largest freshwater estuary in North America. While you’re there, plan to stop by the Lincoln Park Craft District which has sprung up along West Superior Street. The area is quickly filling with artist’s spaces, retail, and restaurants.

Passenger train riding along the Duluth Lake Walk.

Views of Duluth

Take a tour of the city – there are lots of options to explore! Plan an adventure on the water with a charter fishing trip, lake cruise, or kayak excursion. Climb aboard and ride the rails with a scenic train tour, or view the city from the sky with a plane or helicopter tour.

Birds-eye view of Skyline Parkway in the fall

Colorful scenic drives

Fall is the perfect time to plan a scenic drive, and there are wonderful options both within the city and along the North shore of Lake Superior. Hit the road to discover some of the most beautiful scenery in the region!

A hawk flying over fall trees.

Autumn birding

Birding is an ideal activity for exploring the outdoors while ensuring that you maintain social distancing to stay healthy and well, and Duluth is a premier bird-watching destination. During the fall, thousands of birds can be seen migrating past the Hawk’s Ridge just off of Skyline Parkway.

Over fifty people are sitting at tables, drinking beers, playing card games and listening to a band at Hoops Brewing.

Food + Drinks

While you are here, be sure to take time out to relax and refuel. Stop by a local taproom, cocktail lounge, or coffeehouse to sample our local specialties. When you’re ready for a meal, there’s a fantastic array of restaurants, cafés, markets, and food trucks serving up a far-reaching selection of delicious options.