In Harmony Reiki and Inner Wellness is the go-to place for indoor relaxation options in Duluth, Minnesota!

Duluth, Minnesota is a well-known destination for spending healing and refreshing time outdoors. Locals and visitors alike love to relax and release stress by participating in the tantalizing array of outdoor beauty and recreation opportunities. And now, as the days get cooler and darkness comes earlier, you may be looking for some indoor activities to enjoy in our beautiful Duluth area.

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Fall tends to bring a busier schedule with school starting and with preparations for winter and the holiday season. We realize we have to change our pace from the leisure of summer we have recently enjoyed. We often have more commitments and demands on our time as we move into Fall. We also are losing daylight! That’s a big deal in the Northland because we have to squeeze our outdoor activities into a shorter time frame.

Increased commitments and a shorter day to get them done can bring an accumulation of stress and tension. At the same time, we are packing away the docks and locking up the cabins and having to shift where our stress relief comes from. Thankfully, we not only have some of the most beautiful trails to view our inspiring Fall colors and gorgeous lakes, we also have some beautiful indoor venues that help us ground to our center and rediscover our inner peace.

In Harmony Reiki and Inner Wellness in Duluth has some relaxation and refreshing at the ready for you! With its brick walls, original high tin ceiling, and relaxing colors, your shoulders will drop with a sigh as the tension drains away. Take the opportunity to enjoy a variety of comfortable seating options while you have a fresh cup of water or coffee. And that is just when you walk in the door! There are many rejuvenating options to choose from.

When you receive Reiki energy healing, you get the benefit of clearing the blocks to your energy flow by releasing all that no longer serves your higher good. This energetic cleansing may release toxins, both physical and emotional, and may help the process of clearing emotions and even belief systems that are no longer serving you. With this release comes the opportunity to fill up with Creator or Source energy allowing your system to take in pure energy and use it where most needed. Your energy balance and flow is restored bringing you to the most conducive state for self-healing.

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Following a Reiki session, people consistently report feeling very relaxed, lighter, refreshed, and re-energized, as well as having more clarity of thought for decision making, and new insight into their current life situations. Many people also have sudden or gradual relief of pain or physical ailments. Everyone’s experience is unique. This treatment is usually given with the client lying on a massage table or sitting in a chair, if preferred, and fully dressed. Sessions may be 1 or 1.5 hours.

If you prefer a comfy chair and some good conversation, life coaching sessions are available to give you unbiased and genuine support in finding the perspective and path to living your best life. You know better than anyone what you want and need but sometimes we get caught in patterns and choices that are not bringing us the life we would choose. Enjoy honest and clear discussion bringing out your goals for change and strategies that feel comfortable to you to achieve them. 1 hour sessions are available in person and virtually.

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If you are feeling the fatigue and strain from long hours at work or behind the wheel, check out a posture training or body mechanic session. General assessment of your body symmetry and movement patterns within your context of activities will be reviewed with modifications instructed to improve alignment. In addition, application of your posture to sitting, standing, and movements in your day will be discussed to give you simple strategies that can reduce pain, strain, wear and tear on your body, and improve how you look and feel each day.

If you’re in town on a Thursday night, you can find a Wellness or a Wisdom Workshop to attend that can freshen your body and mind with great self-care opportunities. Wellness Workshops may include topics such as: “Components of Balance”, “Self-Care Strategies”, or “Snow Shoveling Basics”. Wisdom topics may include: “Loving Kindness Meditation”, “Breaking Down Fear”, “Inner Peace Begins With Me”, and “How To Hear My Higher Self”. Occasionally we’ll mix it up with a Community Forum for guided discussion on a relevant topic or with an “Open Mic-Spoken Word” night to give outlet for authentic community expression. The calendar is posted online weekly and in the window. You may also “Subscribe” from the Home Page of the website to get weekly updates on what’s happening at In Harmony:

Taking time to nurture our hearts, minds, and bodies in a healing and relaxing atmosphere is a gift not to be skipped! Check out In Harmony Reiki and Inner Wellness on your next visit to Beautiful Duluth and leave feeling as wonderful as the beauty that surrounds you. Your light is needed in this world and we’re here to help you Shine!

In Harmony Reiki and Inner Wellness is located at 5628 Grand Avenue in Duluth, MN. This is on the corner of 57th Avenue West and Grand Avenue. Early and late session times are available and scheduling can be done by phone at 218-391-8778 or online at Saturday Free Community Hours from 10 am-12 pm is one more option for an indoor place to go where you can find community conversation, play a game of checkers or cribbage, check out the spiritual growth loan library, and just soak in the good vibes at In Harmony! See you soon!